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Galaxy Fold 2 release date, price, features and news

Not announced No information
Expected price No information

7.6 inches
2213 x 1689 pixels


12 MP (Quad camera)
10 MP front


Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, 12GB RAM


256GB, expandable


4500 mAh


Android 10
Samsung One UI

Even before the original Galaxy Fold was officially out, people have been looking forward to the Fold 2. The reason is obvious: first-generation devices are often flawed and closer to proof of concept than products that can be used heavily every day. And as if we needed further proof, the Galaxy Fold’s launch was riddled with issues.

Now, a year after the Samsung Galaxy Fold was first officially revealed, it’s time to focus on its successor -- the Galaxy Fold 2. The delays surrounding the first model threw Samsung’s schedule off and it seems the Fold won’t be following the strict launch pattern the Galaxy S series has.

Despite that, it’s almost guaranteed that the Galaxy Fold 2 will come out later this year and rumors are already flowing around the internet about it. So, we’ve captured as many of them as we could and will now summarize them for you.

Galaxy Fold 2 release date

Samsung has been pretty hush-hush about when it will release the Fold 2 and that’s understandable, they don’t want another launch debacle. Currently, rumors point to either an August announcement alongside the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series or a September one. The Galaxy Fold 2 is an important enough device to have its own launch and seeing how Samsung would likely stick to online-only events for the months to come, it seems plausible that there will be two separate ones.

With COVID-19 disrupting supply chains and causing delays all over, the September release seems more likely. In reality, we won’t be surprised if even at Samsung they don’t know when the Fold 2 will come out, as the situation changes day by day.

Galaxy Fold 2 price

When it comes to the price of the Galaxy Fold 2, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that rumors suggest that the Fold 2 will be cheaper than its predecessor. The bad news is that it won’t be by much. The original Fold came out with a sticker price of $1,980.

For the Galaxy Fold 2, people are saying that the price could be as low as $1,780, but more likely the reduction will be only $100, placing the new model at $1,880. That’s not even 10% lower than the first one. It appears that the coveted price drop for foldables isn’t happening in 2020. 

Galaxy Fold 2 will come with bigger and better displays... in AND out

The Fold 2 might not be much cheaper but at least it’s bringing some major improvements. If the leaks are true, of course. 

For the main display, the foldable one, rumors agree that it will be larger, however, exactly what the diagonal will be is still up for debate. Some sources say 7.7-inches while others suggest a slightly smaller 7.59-inch display. As a reminder, the original Galaxy Fold sports a 7.3-inch display.

Furthermore, the internal display will be made of thin glass, similar to the one of the Galaxy Z Flip, and will lose the enormous notch of the previous model. Instead, there will be either a hole-punch for the camera. Some leakers don’t rule out the possibility of the camera being under the display. Although we know this tech is on its way, seeing in on the market in a matter of months seems a bit too optimistic right now.

One surprising feature we’re hearing about is that the big display will have a 120Hz refresh rate. Samsung currently doesn’t offer 120Hz at full resolution on its Galaxy S20 phones, and the Fold 2 will have a way higher resolution (2213 x 1689 according to leaks). The default will be 60Hz, tipsters say, as 120Hz will drain the battery significantly faster.

The outside display is getting some love from Samsung as well, and deservingly so. Most people agreed that the 4.6-inch display on the original Fold wasn’t very useful. The new one will allegedly be a 6.3-inch Infinity V display with 2267 x 819 resolution. Infinity V means there will be a teardrop notch of some sort, housing one of the numerous Galaxy Fold 2 cameras.

From the suggester resolution, we can figure out the aspect ratio of the display, which comes to almost 25:9. In other words, it will be extremely narrow. Still, it seems Samsung will maximize the display area as much as the form factor’s constraints allow it to.

Galaxy Fold 2 is getting its own S Pen

One of the biggest upgrades coming to the Galaxy Fold 2 is apparently the S Pen. A completely logical addition to the Fold with its massive display, the S Pen will sway more than a few people to give the Galaxy Fold 2 a chance. The rumors point out that the S Pen on the fold won’t be exactly the same as that on the Note series but slightly modified. What the differences will be is still unknown. 

The addition isn't set in stone, however. Other leaks state that Samsung was considering adding the S Pen but ultimately scrapped the idea for now. Who's right? It's anyone's guess for now.

Galaxy Fold 2 cameras

When it comes to cameras, the rumors are all over the place. Samsung has a wide range of sensors it can mix and match and it seems the final decision hasn’t been made yet or at least hasn’t leaked yet.

One path Samsung might take is to just use the camera module from the Galaxy S20+ with its three cameras: main, telephoto and ultra-wide. That would be very efficient and allow Samsung to cut some of the manufacturing cost of the Fold 2.

Others suggest there will be some megapixel bump to the sensors and the Fold 2 will come with a 16MP ultra-wide camera rather than 12. Possible, but a rather insignificant change.

The most daring rumors put the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 108MP sensor on the back of the Fold 2. No mention if that is to be combined with the periscope lens. While having the biggest sensor would make sense for the Galaxy Fold 2 considering it’s a super-premium phone, it would make it hard for Samsung to hit that lower price it’s apparently planning on.

The duality of these rumors can be explained with another recent rumor that suggests Samsung is also planning to release a Galaxy Fold Lite, a specced down version of the Galaxy Fold 2. Some of the features we're hearing about could well be reserved for that cheaper version, you can never be sure when it comes to leaks.

Galaxy Fold 2 other specs: SoC, RAM, storage

Now we’re getting to the more boring specs people aren’t talking much about. Some of them aren’t even mentioned in leaks because they’re so obvious. The chip will almost certainly be the Snapdragon 865 seeing how Qualcomm gave up on releasing an 865+ variant.

The memory will be DDR5. Samsung may bump it to 16GB but with the speed increase, 12 will be plenty as well. The storage will likely remain at 512GB.

The battery capacity will be increased but by how much is yet unknown. The choice seems to be between 4,500mAh and 5,000mAh. With the larger displays and the higher refresh rate of the inside one, it would make sense for Samsung to go with 5,000mAh, but let’s not forget that space for the S Pen must be made as well. But the S Pen is not the only thing Samsung’s engineers have to fit in the new body.

As expected, 5G is coming to the Galaxy Fold 2 as well and with it are coming a few antennas, taking up valuable internal space as well. With its hefty price tag, it’s a given that the Fold 2 will support 5G mmWave as well as Sub-6Ghz.

Galaxy Fold 2 colors and materials

A hint that Samsung is planning to make the Fold 2 a more popular and accessible device comes from the leak regarding the color options that will supposedly be available. Five colors in total: Blue, Silver, Gold, Pink, Black. For some users, their preferred color is pretty high up on the priority list and now they’ll be able to get it… if it’s one of those five, that is.

Additionally, it’s expected that there will be both stainless steel and ceramic versions of the Galaxy Fold 2. Ceramic is considered the more premium material in the context of smartphones which might be another hint that a super-expensive variant of the Fold 2 might become available at some point.

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